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The 21 Reasons Why You Should Grow Taller

How many of you realize that tall people have a major advantage in life? We all know that in sports, tall people have a big advantage, but it goes way beyond just sports! Did you know that studies have proven that being tall gives you benefits in your confidence, the workplace, your love life, and many other areas of life. In this article, we are going to go over 21 reasons you should focus on growing taller before it’s too late!

21. The Greek Gods Were All Tall

Have you ever noticed that? Every time you watch a movie with Greek gods, they are all tall! There is a reason for this. Tall people show they have more power, so if you are tall people will automatically assume you have more power in society.

20. You Can Always Be Seen

This is an advantage not many people think of. It is very frustrating when you are trying to find people and others are trying to find you and you can’t seem to find each other. If you are tall, you really won’t have to worry about that because people will spot you easily!

19. You Can Eat More Food And Not Get Fat

The taller you are the more food you are allowed to eat. For some of you, this might be the number one reason for getting taller! The taller you are the more calories your body requires, therefore you can eat more and not get fat.

18. You Are More Attractive

It has been scientifically proven that both men and women prefer to be with taller people. There are many reasons for this but it is mostly because it shows that you have more power in society and your offspring has a greater chance of being tall as well.

17. More Likely To Excel In Work

When you are tall, you are more likely to get hired than someone shorter than you. Recent studies show that if two people go in for an interview with the same qualifications, the tall person is more likely to get the job.

16. Makes You Unique

Being tall is starting to become a rare thing in our society. If you are tall you will be unique and many advantages come with being unique

15. You Have Athletic Advantages

Out of all the advantages to being tall, this one might pay off the most. When you have an athletic advantage, you will fit in more with others at school, you can get a college scholarship, and you might even be able to go pro in your chosen sport all because of your height.

14. You Will Have More Confidence

Taller people know they have more power in this world and because of that you will have more confidence. You will know you are more attractive, athletic, and stronger.

13. You Will Make More Money

Recent studies have shown us that those who are over six feet tall make more money than a person who is under six feet tall. Most CEOs of companies are over six feet.

12. You Have Social Advantages

This could mean a lot of things, such as being able to see people in movie theaters, to getting free drinks at the bars. Being tall will give you a social advantage that you have never had before

11. You Have Easier Access To Things

If there is something on a tall shelf, chances are good others won’t be able to reach it and will need to call on you to reach it. This will make people call on you more, and the more favors you do for others, the more they will like you.

10. Higher IQ’s

Yup, you heard that right. Taller people are smarter than shorter people. The main reason for this is because taller people have more confidence and that shows in every area of life, including academics.

9. People Will Remember You

Chances are good you remember the last tall person you met, and the reason for this is because people rarely meet tall people. It is always good for you when people remember you after you meet them.

8. People Never Get In The Way

Have you ever wanted to view something but you couldn’t because you couldn’t see other people? Well, when you are tall you will never have to worry about it because you will see everyone!

7. You Are More Likely To Get Married

If you want to get married this is a great reason to focus on getting taller. Studies show that if you are tall you have a much greater chance of getting married because tall people are more physically attractive than shorter people;

6. People Look Up To Speak To You

Many people don’t realize this but when people look up to speak to you, this is putting you in the position of authority on a subconscious level which raises your importance to that person.

5. Better Clothing

I know many people will tell you clothing is one of the main disadvantages of being tall because there is not a lot of clothing for you to choose from. And although that is true, what most people don’t realize is that tall people have a much better quality of clothes because more time is put into creating it. Take a look at a tall person’s clothing next time you see them and you will know exactly what I mean

4. Physically Stronger And Faster

There are a lot of advantages to being stronger and faster. When you get tall your muscles will become stronger and more lean as well which means you will develop more of a muscular body and will be able to lift things you were never able to lift before

3. People Will Be Jealous Of You

Chances are good you are jealous of a few tall people right now, right? Well, once you focus on getting taller and grow a few inches others will be jealous of you! I know this might not sound like a big deal, but the truth is people want to be friends with the people they are jealous of.

2. You Will Have A Faster Metabolism

The taller you are the faster your metabolism will be. This means you can not only eat more food, but you can eat more junk food and not have to worry about gaining fat.

1. Less Likely To Get Picked On

Let’s be honest, nobody picks on the tall person. The reason for this is because the tall person naturally shows dominance and nobody is going to pick on somebody that is showing dominance.


Well, there you have it, 21 great reasons to focus on getting taller. Tall people have many great advantages in our society if you were uncertain about whether or not you wanted to grow taller, hopefully, you can see the many advantages now.






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