The Bone Growth Process

The Bone Growth Process of Growing Taller

It is no news that growing taller is dependent majorly on the bones, but not all bones are responsible for this. The leg bones and spine are the primary bones that need to elongate for a person to grow taller. The bone growth process can be greatly enhanced with good and nutritious foods high in calcium, protein, and other vitamins that aid growing taller. Exercises on the other hand helps to stretch the joints in the ankles, knees, and hips, as well as helping the spine to remain straight at all times. An X-ray of the legs and spine would show if the epiphyseal plate, or growth plate has fused/closed thereby informing the physician on what next to do. If the plates are still open in those regions, the tendency of growing the bones and getting taller in the process is higher. In other words, bone growth, or growing taller is hinged on the state of the growth plate; and with this knowledge, the bone growth process continues and can be enhanced.

How do bones grow in length to make you taller?

Adding tissues to the tips of the bones in the legs and spine is the primary means of growing the bone. The processes are carried out in the laboratory by experts. The epiphyseal plate, or growth plate must however be open for this process to work. Calcium and Phosphorus ions are introduced to the cartilage which in turn becomes ossified or calcified (becomes solid) over the years.
In other words, these elements produce hyaline cartilage, pushing up one side of the plate while the other side gets calcified gradually, causing the fellow to grow taller. And as the plates close up in adulthood, the epiphyseal line becomes visible indicating that the bones in that region have reached a maximum length and can no longer stretch.

Proper exercise and good, nutritious foods are essential for bone growth


It is an indisputable fact that ingesting special supplements that have been clinically tested and known to strengthen the bones and elongate them might be one of the most important secrets to growing taller. Supplements with L-arginine, Zinc, L-ornithine, and Calcium as Carbonate are very powerful and go straight into the bone cartilage to make them strong and more abundant in calcium. Some other supplements contain Vitamin D3 as Vitamin B12, Dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate, Cholecalciferol, and Pyridoxine; these are also very effective in helping the growth plate to extend a bit more.


The bone growth process is enhanced even more when foods rich in calcium and amino acids like vegetables and legumes plus foods rich in protein and calories like beef and poultry are consumed regularly. The nutrients in these foods and supplements help provide more calcium which in turn helps the bones to solidify and contribute to the growth spurts; consequently, the fellow gets taller. In other words, these nutrients and supplements go straight into the joints, particularly the ankles, knee joints, hip joints, and neck joints to help stretch them for better height results.


The best way to have them work in the most beneficial means is to include bone stretching exercises in the routine. Hanging from an elevation or pole with the arms and ensuring that the legs are free from the earth’s gravity is one source of exercise that stretches the discs and vertebrae in the spine area; also, taking swimming and other sports like basketball, lawn tennis, badminton, etc. more seriously can help stretch the bones and make them grow longer a bit.


Bone growth is dependent on the state of the growth plates in the legs and spine. If these are still open, some means can help introduce more bone tissues to the tips to make them lengthier with time. The combination of exercises, sports, a good and balanced diet, bone-growing supplements, and a healthy lifestyle devoid of stress and bad habits would go a long way in aiding the bone growth process. Therefore, people who still have their growth plate open should just follow the steps recommended above and watch how they would grow taller in no time.






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