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How To Grow Taller During Puberty

The question is often asked if there are certain activities a person can engage in to aid in growing taller during the pubescent years. The answer to this question is “Yes” and those who take advantage of the following three recommendations will fast be on the path of how to grow taller.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is essential in stimulating height growth during the pubescent years. Exercise strengthens the body, which promotes good bone and muscle growth. Stretching exercises are critical as they strengthen muscles, which help to elongate bones. Exercises such as swimming, sprinting, cycling and even jumping rope, coupled with stretching, are some of the best choices of exercises that will help to increase height growth. Stretching should be accomplished daily or even twice a day and all other exercises should be accomplished at least every other day to be an effective part of the building blocks of how to grow taller during the pubescent years.

Get Plenty of Sleep

The production of human growth hormones is key to promoting height growth and while the body is always producing human growth hormones there is a significant increase in production when the body is in a state of sound sleep. It is recommended that the body receives eight to ten hours of sound sleep each night which is a key component in how to grow taller during puberty.

Good Nutrition is a Must

Without good nutrition, the other key elements in how to grow taller will yield poor results, if any at all. It is recommended that a healthy portion of protein in the form of fish, grains, and milk products be included in the daily diet. These proteins help to increase muscle mass. A healthy portion of fresh citric fruits and green vegetables is also an essential part of a nutritious diet. A balanced supplement of vitamins and minerals should be included in the nutrition menu including Vitamin C, which is essential for good bone health. It is also critical to avoid those foods that could potentially stunt height growth. Junk foods are the biggest culprit, as most of the junk food contains little nutritional value and should be avoided at any cost. Paying close attention to nutrition is a key for how to grow taller during the pubescent years.

There is no guarantee that anyone following these recommendations on how to grow taller will realize any measurable height growth. However, it is not common for those who follow a close regimen of good nutrition, exercise, and rest, during their pubescent years to achieve as much as 1 to 2% additional height growth.






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