How To Get Taller Fast

How To Get Taller Fast – Unlocking Height Growth

Being tall is mostly about the genes that your parents handed down to you plus a few percent effect on how you eat, sleep, and exercise before the end of your puberty years or what they call your environmental factor. Although these are two major factors that affect your height, some things can address your issue on how to get taller fast.

Natural Way How To Get Taller Fast

Getting the right amount of sleep before and during puberty will help increase your height as your human growth hormones grow faster while you are sleeping. Eating foods rich in calcium and protein can also increase a few inches to your height as it promotes the growth of your bones. But among all of these, exercise is the best way how to get taller fast.
Many short people often ask how to get taller fast. While there is no magic pill in the market that you can purchase to effectively increase your height, there are certainly some exercise programs designed to help you get that few inches that you desire.
Stretching exercises, especially if it is done in the morning is a great way to promote height increase because this is the time when you are at your tallest. A cobra exercise for example is a stretching exercise that can lengthen your spinal column, which promotes height increase.

Painful Way How To Get Taller Fast

One of the fastest ways how to get taller is by going through leg-lengthening surgery wherein the doctor has to break the bones in your lower leg and then insert and screw a fixator to the ends of both bones. The process may take a few weeks to a few months where the doctor lengthens the fixator slowly. By that time the patient needs to undergo physical therapy and will be confined to a wheelchair. While this process has been proven effective in some parts of the world, this is extremely painful for the patient and may cause serious complications.
In conclusion, the natural way how to get taller fast such as eating the right kind of foods, getting enough sleep, and doing exercises designed to promote growth is still the best option. Opting for surgery is painful and can lead to complications and infections.






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