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Dress Tips – How to Look Taller For Men And Women

Our society is full of men and women who are vertically challenged and whose impossible dream remains in their desire to gain an extra inch and look a little taller. The clamor for more height is borne out of several reasons with some being genuine while others are simply stereotypes created out of the way people erroneously view each other. Taller people have for instance been accorded a unique status in society and often without tangible reasons regarded as leaders.

Understanding the Perception of Height

Looking at it a bit more deeply, one notices that tall people are viewed as leaders not because all of them have those qualities. It is all because they are taller than most people around them and are viewed that as a natural reward for their height advantage.

This general wave of thinking makes every shorter person feel less or inadequate. The society also considers tall ladies and men more attractive and you’ll even realize that when it comes to issues of dating, taller single people tend to get more frequent dates than shorter ones.

The Influence of Height in Various Aspects

Taller men are considered strong, powerful, and handsome, a fact that makes most ladies feel secure around them. When you look at the modeling industry, you’ll see most successful pageants ranging within a certain height limit since a good height gives them a nice gait, good stature, and ultimate beauty. There are jobs like the armed forces and several others where height is crucial during the recruitment process.

Empowering the Vertically Challenged

The many advantages enjoyed by tall people should however not make vertically challenged people feel less human or inferior since there are also tall guys who cannot match the potential exhibited by some shorter individuals. And while shorter people may not be able to do much to change their natural height, there are things they can do to create an impression of a taller person when in the real sense they are still short. The following are tips that will help you look taller

General Tips for Both Men and Women

On a gender-neutral scale, short men and women are advised to:

• Avoid wearing horizontal prints and insist on vertical lines. Consider pleats, pinstripes, and vertical zippers. The vertical aspect draws the viewer’s eye up/down and makes the person look to see you more from the perspective of height rather than width.
• You can also adapt a monochromatic look or do something called tone matching. When you wear various colors, your body is divided into many segments but when you wear one color or match tones, you create one firm line for the person looking at you hence creating an illusion of height.
• Maintain small patterns and solid colors since large patterns naturally tend to compress the person wearing them to make them appear like a dwarf. Small patterns and solid colors usually generate a visual interest while maintaining the height of the person wearing it.
• Never use baggy clothes if you are vertically challenged. Such clothes absorb your height and make you appear lost in them. They promote width rather than height.

Advice for Ladies

• Keep short hair. Women with long hair naturally appear short. Any hairstyle that goes down to stop above the shoulder pulls down a lady’s height in the eyes of the observer. If you’ve come across someone telling a lady friend, “Today you look so short”, then chances are their hair was down above her shoulders.
• You can also put up your hair. Ladies who like long hair are advised to put it back in buns, high ponytails, and related up-do. Remember hair that goes a few inches up from your scalp adds or promotes your height.
• Put more highlights or layers to your locks. Straight long hair hanging down in one layer has the greatest effect. When you add highlights, breaks, or choppy layers you break the long hair monotony and hence keep it from making you appear short.
• Wear heels. You can choose 3-inch or inch heels since such shoes instantly increase your height. Skinny heels are better than thick ones since skinny ones have been proven to create a slim vertical appearance. Thick heels can create a heavy, weighty appearance on your feet.
• Use open-toed sandals or shoes. When you reveal more skin on your foot, there is a way your height is boosted making you look taller.
• Use pants and skirts that keep your legs in a balanced outlook. Consider bootcut jeans and an A-line skirt. Those styles that tend to flare out at the lower leg or knee assist in balancing out your hip’s natural width. Avoid Tapered styles since they make you appear top-heavy and eventually create a shorter outlook on your legs.

Advice for Gentlemen

• Keep your hair a bit higher ensuring that the sides are neatly trimmed. When you match the extra portion of hair on top of your hair with the lesser volume on the sides your height will appear taller by some inches. You can use gel and make a spiky style for better results.
• Wear heel inserts in your shoes as these slip into your shoes and raise your foot several inches more. This will physically increase your height
• Wear or put on a cropped suit jacket. Jackets generally build up one’s shoulder and broaden their stature creating a positive illusion around their height. To magnify the illusion wear a cropped jacket whose bottom hem is cut off at a similar part as the wrists. Such a jacket reveals a greater portion of your legs making you look taller.
• Use a narrow necktie since it creates a vertically slim line that makes the observer capture your image in a vertical sense. Thick and broad ties will stretch your image across and make you look shorter
• Design your pants in such a way as to make them brush against your shoe laces. Overly long pants tend to bunch or gather up at the bottom and weaken your height
• Go for smaller wrist cuffs and narrow folds. Wear a suit coat in such a manner that an inch of your shirt cuff stretches out beyond the edge of your jacket sleeve.
• Let your casual shirts be short although not too short. This exposes a fair part of your leg section creating a height illusion when combined with your overall height
• Your pants must always hang around your natural waist. Anything hitting lower than this will create a stubby and stout outlook around your legs. A belt will be useful in keeping your pants in the right place.


With these valuable tips, no one has a reason to walk around feeling short or inferior anymore. Just implement them and see the difference.






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